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The Mikvah (Baptism)

Bride Looking at WaterPrior to her wedding, the bride immerses herself in a body of living water, such as a river or lake, in a ceremonial washing as a symbol of spiritual purification. A celebration follows, where she is regaled with wine, sweets, and blessings as friends and relatives rejoice with the bride in her new marital status. She now belongs to her husband and is under his authority.

Today, New Testament believers follow a similar ritual of the mikvah in water baptism. As a proclamation of what we believe, followers of Yeshua (Jesus) are baptized, testifying to the inward change that has taken place. Though water immersion only cleanses the outward body, it is by our confession of faith that our hearts are cleansed and our sins are washed away. Separating ourselves from the old life, we are no longer under the authority of sin and death and subject to Satan, the father of lies, but we become a new creation, betrothed to Yeshua (Jesus).