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His Majesty Requests

His Majesty Requests New Hardback Front Cover smLike flipping pages through a wedding album, the rich imagery in His Majesty Requests paints a vivid portrait of who the Beloved bride truly is and how she makes herself ready for the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Your life, as a believer, is a celebration of promise and hope soon to be fulfilled at the coming of the Messiah.  This beautiful book captures those intimate moments you will experience as you prepare for the Messiah’s return.  Written by best-selling author Rebecca Park Totilo, His Majesty Requests beautifully illuminates the spiritual significance of the ancient Hebrew wedding customs and how the Messiah fulfilled each one.

As family heirlooms of the Jewish culture, many of these traditions such as bride price and the veil may be recognizable, while others will flash new insight into the teachings and ways of a Jewish Savior. The restoration and brilliance of these lost pictures are sure to fill the believer’s heart with a renewed love for their Heavenly Bridegroom.

By matting and framing the story of one father’s desire to find a suitable wife for his son in ancient Israel, the mystery of God’s love for Jews and non-Jews throughout the ages is revealed. This devotional beautifully illuminates the spiritual significance of the ancient Hebrew wedding customs and how the Messiah fulfilled each one.

Our Heavenly Father graciously requests the honor of your presence today.  Come away with your Love now, and prepare for the Royal Marriage to the Lamb of God.

Foreword by Sid Roth

For those who feel something is lacking in your Christian experience as compared to the first church—you’re right! The early church had greater miracles, greater anointing and greater intimacy with God. Why don’t we see more power today? One problem is our understanding of the Scriptures. For example, all the books of the New Covenant were written in a Jewish culture and virtually all the authors were Jewish. In many cases the fullest meaning of a passage of the New Covenant is only apparent in its cultural context. These deeper meanings were obvious to the first church. To make matters more complicated, what we call Jewish culture today is not the same as in the time of Yeshua. Judaism has been hijacked and transformed over the centuries by rabbis who do not believe in Jesus. Understanding the Jewish context of the Scriptures is a key stepping stone for us to become what Paul calls, the “glorious church.” We know that the latter house (church and individual believer) will have even greater glory than the former. My heart’s desire is to be surrounded with God’s glory twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. I am desperate for greater intimacy with Him. Rebecca Totilo’s book, His Majesty Requests, unfolds the hidden Jewish culture of Yeshua’s day to understand His Majesty’s instructions and experience His glory. Yeshua is passionately in love with His Bride. This book is the John-the-Baptist preparation for the greatest Jewish Wedding in history—The Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Get ready. You have an engraved invitation. Don’t miss the directions and go to the wrong address.

—Sid Roth, President
Messianic Vision