Rebecca At The Well Foundation

After authoring several Christian books on topics chosen by her publishers, in 2002 Rebecca Park Totilo inquired of the Lord what was on His heart for his church. He simply answered, “the Bride.” After much prayer and meditation, she realized, studying from Genesis to Revelation – the bible’s central theme focused around a wedding and a special relationship of intimacy. She studied the Jewish Wedding Customs after discovering the unmatched parallel of the bride’s mikvah (immersion) and a believer’s baptism in the oral and written torah. This vivid revelation led to her 16th book: “His Majesty Requests, An Invitation to the Royal Wedding of the Lamb” in which Rebecca delves into how the Jewish Wedding is a type and shadow of how believers are betrothed to our heavenly bridegroom.


The Jewish Wedding customs is a primer, providing insights to every believer should understand. It clearly demonstrates how we are to enter into intimacy and how Yeshua (Jesus) desires to interact with his bride. These customs explain why He said and did certain things with His disciples.


“His Majesty Requests,” begins with a fictional of a father, a son and a bride – acting out the prophetic charade with each ancient custom, followed with a nonfiction explanation of what custom means and how it illustrate Yeshua’s love for His beloved. The book was expanded in a second edition in 2006, entitled “His Majesty Requests, Preparing the Bride for the Messiah’s Return.” In 2009 this special book became available in hardcover entitled, “His Majesty Requests, The Prophetic Significance of the Jewish Wedding for the Bride of Christ.” A DVD of actual Jewish weddings with each custom in action beautifully orchestrated with music and a voice over by Rebecca explaining is included.


The book and professional video of exerts from Jewish weddings was produced in 2002. This eleven section video is used to visually explain the customs. Rebecca has taught this multimedia presentation across the United States and the world. This video was incorporated into another DVD entitled “Hebrew Wedding Customs,” which was recorded at The Trinity Broadcasting Network.


In the wake of the book, His Majesty Requests and video, Rebecca formed Rebecca At The Well Foundation. In January of 2003, Rebecca began to traverse the highways and the byways of the United States with her family in a motorhome to bring this message via television, radio and live presentations to those who would listen.


In 2004, the message was released in the “His Majesty Requests, Congregational Pack” which includes a copy of her book, “His Majesty Requests” the Hebrew Wedding Customs DVD with Rebecca’s voice over and the CD-ROM Hebrew Wedding Customs Powerpoint presentation. This multimedia pack was created so congregations could teach this gorgeous message of the bride to their congregations.


Rebecca’s teaching has been expanded to the “Awakening His Bride” conference. This two day conference includes audience participation with the betrothal cup of wine, the signing of the participants own Ketubah (marriage contract) with witnesses, pledging of vows to our heavenly bridegroom, passing under the Huppah and many other memorable moments. Many have a come away with a renewed love for their Messiah.


This theme has also matured into a deep intimate retreat weekend entitled “The Bride and the Butterfly.” Rebecca walks the brides in waiting through a very special time of teaching and fellowship with Yeshua. This one of kind weekend kindles a life changing fire, drawing the participants to the chambers of the king.


In an abbreviated version of the “Awakening His Bride” a special evening event called “The Marriage Supper” is an actual reenactment of the Hebrew Wedding Customs where participants are walked through each. It includes lively worship music, Davidic dance and concludes with a real marriage supper. Participants are treated to a real wedding like atmosphere with decorations and Huppah in celebration of their own marriage to the Lamb of God.


Rebecca’s mission is to prepare the bride for the Messiah’s return, through teachings of the bride, books, DVD and CD teachings. Rebecca Park Totilo is available to bring her flagship teaching to all who are athirst for a deeper relationship with Messiah Yeshua. Come and drink deeply of Living Water from Rebecca At The Well.


Rebecca’s teachings are available at or Aroma Hut Institute