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Cast Your Bread

Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again. – Ecclesiastes 11:1 (NIV)

“How are we going to make it until Mark’s paycheck,” Becca worried? They had another week to go and her family needed groceries and baby formula for Dylan. “God, what are we going to do?” She cried to the Lord. During church, Becca’s husband, Mark, felt impressed to give their last dollar in the offering. They had planned on spending it on a loaf of bread that evening. It was all they could afford. “There goes our loaf of bread,” as Becca joined her husband in giving her last penny she dug out of her change purse. Becca and Mark both knew clinging to the money would do no good. They needed a miracle. After the service, Mark’s friend handed him an envelope. Inside was a check for 100.00. Becca squealed in delight and was grateful to be able to buy the groceries her family desperately needed. To help the money stretch further, Becca used some baby formula coupons she had received from the hospital when the baby was born.

Pushing her cart towards the door, Becca walked away pleased God provided for her family’s needs. Suddenly, the cashier yelled, “Just a minute, I owe you some change.” That seemed odd to Becca, since she had written a check. She walked back over and the cashier explained the coupons changed the total due. The cashier handed her the receipt with change: $1.01. God gave back to Becca and Mark the exact amount they had placed in the offering plate that morning.

Becca trusted God by casting her bread upon the waters and quickly found it again. Can you trust God today with your needs? As you freely share with others, believe God’s Word that says it will come back again.


Thank you, Lord, for providing for my needs, so that I can freely give. Amen.


Trust God with your finances.

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